110 years and not a bit old

by Wilhelm Möller


In an impressive anniversary celebration, the employees of the traditional company in the metal industry, together with their families and guests, looked back on an exciting and eventful company history, but also dared to look ahead.

It all began in 1912, when Fritz Gladtfeldt launched the company. What began with the production of tin cans has developed into a modern company in the metal industry.

Today, F. Gladtfeldt GmbH presents itself as an efficient and modern company with excellent services for its customers and partners in its special fields of punching, stamping, engraving and with its own toolmaking.

All this was a good reason to celebrate the 110th anniversary in a lively party. The main protagonists of such a celebration were undoubtedly the hard-working employees, whose work plays a decisive role in the success of the company.


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