Precision identification techniques for individual signs and emblems.

Your emblem or badge should be unique? We engrave, dependent on material, in your preferred type font and font size, exactly to your design.

We engrave in-house either your tool and die or the individual piece.

Our expertise in inscription and labelling

Your milled piece with logo or brand name.

Engraved dies for manufacturing embossed identification plates / badges and rating plates.

Machine resources

We maintain stamping and hydraulic presses for material thicknesses of 0,1 mm – 10 mm. For your low volume orders we maintain a wide range of single load presses. Stamping presses with speeds up to 300 SPM and 800 kN press force. Eccentric presses with speeds of 120 SPM and 1600 kN press force. Hydraulic presses of 30 SPM and 2500 kN press force.

> List of tooling resources

Tool design

In-house manufacture of tools, dies and complex progressive tooling. Highly skilled toolmaking forms the basis of reliable manufacture of your product.

  • Highly skilled toolmaking
  • Pre-supplied tools accepted
  • Preventive maintenance and storage of your tools

Service and assembly

We manufacture to your specification. If you wish to supply your own tools and dies or supply free issue materials needed for production. We can accommodate you. If you wish, we can also do further mechanical operations and/or the surface treatment.

  • Subsystem assembly
  • Completion and packaging
  • Logistics and shipment
  • Tool & Die design
  • Surface treatment
  • Mechanical processing


We manufacture and supply ready-to-fit-metal/plastic insert moulded parts.